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Oh, my life.  It's very amusing sometimes.

So, my roommate from last year, who I'm living with again this fall, and I have a running joke that her room is like officer's quarters.  Seriously, you should have seen it last year-there was a world map, and a vintage Army helmet, and boots, and peacoat, and a stuffed pheasant (no, really; we call him Conrad); the works.  Anyway, I teased her about it all last year, and for her birthday got her a vintage pinup girl poster.  This one.


Classy, no?

Anyway, I'm doing it again this year, and she wants a brunette.  I haven't come to a final decision, but I'm leaning towards this one.


The other possibility is this one.


Something about the second one bothers me though.  aliaras has been nicely analyzing the arty bits for me, and why they don't really work, and I agree with her...it's just that my roommate would *really* like the dress she's wearing...

Ironically enough, she's the *straight* one.

However, I plan to be mailing her pinup girls on her birthday for the rest of her natural life...which will be fun for her to explain to people... XD

Oh, my life.
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I'm having a Facebook conversation with a friend of mine from school right now, and we're trying to assign blame to a situation.  Her most recent quote was, "Canadian Mountie!  Not my fault now."

The explanation for this one is really pretty goofy, so I thought I'd share. 

Actually, before I do that, here's the exchange, because it just gets...progressively sillier, and is making me kind of giggle my head off.

Me: (to a different friend) My fault or hers?
Her: Canadian Mountie!  Not my fault now.
Me: Vulcan pledge of allegiance.  Totally your fault.
Her: Doing the next step of Canadian Mountie does not override original Canadian Mountie!
That would just be chaos!

So, I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the phenomenon of "No Nose Goes", in which the last person in a group to touch their nose is the one whose fault it is, who has to do some sort of task the rest of us are too lazy to do, etc.  I have found that this is rampant at camps and wherever there are large numbers of lazy young people congregated.  However, there is something of a problem with No Nose Goes: if everyone is aware of it and becomes acclimated, it can become extremely difficult to determine who, in fact, had no nose last and now has to perform a task.

My dorm overcame this inherent difficulty by adopting a more advanced two-step system of No Nose Goes.  We call it Canadian Mountie.  (hence the icon, if you're on dreamwidth.)  Canadian Mountie requires both hands, and consists of one hand held flat and palm-down just below the nose, and one cupped hand hovering about three inches over the head in order to imitate a Stetson.

It is very, very silly to see in a large group of my dormies, some of whom like to present themselves as serious-minded people for some strange reason.  When Canadian Mountie goes, if you're not a Mountie, you're going to suffer the consequences of what normally would be the fate of one who had No Nose.

We actually have a slightly expanded sequence of motions, which performed in the correct order consists of:

No Nose Goes (index finger to tip of nose)
Canadian Mountie (moustache and hat)
Vulcan Pledge of Allegiance (hand in the Vulcan V placed over heart)
Pirate Hitler (left index finger under nose to imitate Hitler moustache, right arm extended in a Heil with index finger crooked like a pirate's hook)

These actions are actually fairly difficult to perform in rapid sequence and not mix up the fingers and such.  However, for practical purposes, our dorm uses only No Nose Goes transitioning to Canadian Mountie (in which case, the people who habitually carry beverages *cough* are usually shit out of luck.)

Anyway, the protocols for Canadian Mountie on Facebook are a little fuzzy.  Mostly I posted this because I find it hilarious.  If there are conclusive results I will edit to add them.

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Every once in a while, I am reminded of just how amazing the gay community is.  For example: this.


This...made my life.  I love that song anyway, because Lily Allen rocks, but...this video makes me really, really happy.

Also Dan Savage is amazing.  See: this.  http://www.youtube.com/itgetsbetterproject

I'm debating submitting something.  On the one hand, there's not a lot I wouldn't give to be able to have a conversation with my 17-year-old self during my whole denial/self-hate/panic phase of figuring out that I am as gay as a gay thing that gays.  On the other...I hate, hate, hate public speaking.  Hate it.  The more personal things get, the more I do my level best to hide under a bush, as many of you know.  I can do dance concerts, sure, and music concerts are fine, but I don't have to talk during those.

My medium of choice for many things, if not most, is the written word.  Maybe I'll write something out and...do something with it.  I don't know.  Like I said, I'm wavering.  And sure, I could write a speech; whether or not I could actually read it aloud is another though...I might be able to do something with it if I collaborate.  I don't have time to do it anytime soon in any case though.

Whether or not I do, I'm stalking this youtube channel...


I made them last night for my housemates.  They were nom-licious, even though it was my first time ever making the recipe and I had to substitute broth for the consomme because the store was out.  I was terrified because the meat looked a little dodgy, but NOM NOM NOM and no one got food poisoning, so huzzah!


A very close friend of mine, the guy who was the first real friend I made at college (about four other people became friends at about the same time, but he squeaks in just before they did because we met playing Zombies vs Humans before we went to game night and joined up with the rest of the Jewfalcons), posted this quote on my Facebook wall at the beginning of the summer, when we were missing one another a hell of a lot and the sting hadn't faded yet.

"True friendship isn't being inseparable.  It's being separated, and nothing changes."

I'd like to add to that a quote from Due South.

"A friend is someone who won't stop until he finds you and brings you home."

I'm on my way, guys.  I'll get there. <3

4. LOVE!

Apparently I'm sparkly and glowy and shit, or something.  I keep finding myself with a stupid grin on my face that I can't seem to stifle.  I'm giving myself diabetes.  I would be horrified, but I'm too happy to care!

Sorry if I'm talking any of your ears off, btw; I can't seem to stop myself.  Luckily you guys don't seem to give the impression of minding, and even when I am asking silly questions about how to talk to girls you are noble enough to not laugh in my face.  XD


It is my favorite season right now, guys!  I LOVE FALL.  The leaves are pretty!  There are fresh apples and squash and corn!  OM NOM NOM!


The man's voice looks like clear forest green shot through with black glitter.  I can't stop listening to him.  HELP.  EITHER BY STOPPING ME OR SENDING ME MORE LAMBERT.  -facepalm-


Seven, four, and eleven have always been my favorite numbers.  Also forty-two.  But mostly four, seven, and eleven.

Okay, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, so...what is making you guys happy lately?  Feel free to ask me questions about any of the above!

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...and now, after far too long a hiatus, comes more of Circuitry Sorcerers!  For those of you who are new, or don't remember, I refer you here.  dreamwaffles.livejournal.com/13933.html#cutid1  The post below will make absolutely no sense without it.

Scene three, episode 1 )
I have more written longhand that I haven't typed up yet.  Whether or not I'll get it posted before I go to sea is uncertain.  This idea kind of...ate my brain after I did the meme, but then March happened, and it languished half-completed in my writing binder for entirely too long.  However!  I'm back on board!  Get ready for ROBOT WIZARDS!
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So, clearly, it's MEME TIME!
Silly, silly fandom meme inside! )

Hit me!
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[livejournal.com profile] sabinelagrande , this is all for you.  (you don't even know.  Seriously, my dormies all think I went crazy.)

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

Now with photos!  I had to get a photobucket to make this work, so y'all better appreciate! *g*  Sorry about the inconsistent sizing; I did the best I could but I don't really know how it works.


The premise for the CW’s newest show seems utterly preposterous, until you remember this is the network that also brought us the teen years of Clark Kent, eight years of our favorite vampire slayer, and more recently, the shenanigans of two demon-hunting brothers who travel America in an awesome classic car.  Next to those, who are we to argue with a show based on the tragically underused mythology of golems…updated to the twenty-first century?

We at S.Q.U.E.E. are delighted to present to you our latest addiction, the wonderful, the fantastic Circuitry Sorcerers!

any sufficiently advanced magic... )

So, there you have it!  I may edit sporadically to add critic reviews or something.  I'm having way too much fun to stop right away.  (I'll be glad to answer questions, btw!)  And remember, if you surrender, I'll come up with a premise JUST FOR YOU! <3


PS: Here's sabine's.  It's brilliant.  Just fyi.  sabinelagrande.livejournal.com/253479.html  And it's why David Hewlett isn't on my show.  :P

ETA:  [livejournal.com profile] romanshoes finished hers!  It's brilliant!  :D :D :D  romanshoes.livejournal.com/95242.html
And [livejournal.com profile] rhea314 has joined the party! rhea314.livejournal.com/212680.html
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Two things to address this post.  Both are slightly silly, and they are tangentially related.

One, I watched Hot Fuzz last night with a bunch of my dormies, and dear god how did I go so long without seeing that movie?  Apparently my friends who'd already seen it derived as much amusement from my reactions to it as from the movie itself.  I had seven guests, most of them piled somehow onto my bed, and we watched it with so much glee.  Afterwards we watched All Fired Up (a few people left), and let me tell you, it was a joy to see just how much sheer glee people got out of that movie.  I'd only seen part of it.  I think that my 21-year old male friend with WFR training got the most out of it, however, judging by how much he was cackling.  And to round out the evening, we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which only one of my guests had never seen.  The rest of us, naturally, sang along.  And although four of the original people had left, we gained three more random passersby.  And then I kicked everyone out so I could shower and sleep because by that time it was 0100.

Ah, college.  Such a sinful and depraved place, dont'cha know.  What with all the rampant movie-watching and tea-drinking that goes on in my circle of friends.  And, okay, okay, I admit it-I handed out Kit Kats.  My perversity knows no bounds.  Truly.

(but seriously, Hot Fuzz.  OH MY GOD.  I might watch it again tonight.  And I am buying it as soon as I have the opportunity.)

Tangentially related to last night's events of sin and perversity, Nick's peace lily made me really, really miss having a dorm plant.  My maidenhair fern died over break (poor baby, it was never the same after the heat wave, and the freeze this winter did it in -sigh-) and the African violet I had last year just wasn't happy here.  So I currently have no plant.

I want a plant damn it.  They are soothing!  They clean the air!  I talk to them!  All I have right now is a dried rose I got at the dance recital and it's very pretty but that's not a plant, that's decoration.  I'm a bio major, people!  I NEED PLANTS!

So, I've been researching plants all morning and I think today I will walk up the main boulevard where there are stores and find myself a new plant.  Perhaps a peace lily even, though that's a little large for the space I have.

My mom is kind of 'meh' on houseplants, but I love them.  Which is slightly odd, because I'm 'meh' on gardening.

Anyway, here's hoping I get a good plant soon.  And that this one lives.  -crosses fingers-

ETA: I bought a peace lily! :D
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I've had so many ideas for fanvids lately that it's driving me a little crazy.  I wish I could vid, like, at all, but I don't have any idea where to start.  Also apparently it's a huge timesuck, or at least it would be for me because I'm obsessive.  Anyway, I'm just going to throw some ideas out there because if these already exist, I want them.

fanvid musings ) fanvid musings )

I have other songs to muse about, but currently I don't remember what they are and also I'm busy making dessert.  So!  Thoughts?

Also, I will be posting about my SGA Big Bang playlist and the reasoning behind each and every song (dear god that's going to take a while) but that won't be for a bit.

EDIT: I remembered the other one I wanted to talk about!  And then I added links.
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So I'm writing a crack SGA fic... )


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