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So, I have a dreamwidth account now.


I also now have more icons!  As far as I'm aware, they're for the use of anyone who wants them, but unfortunately I was a little lax in their sources, so if you see one you happen to know belongs to someone else, please let me know about it and I'll change it right away.

Thank you kindly! :P
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Welcome one, welcome all to the first post of my SEA Semester adventures!

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I'll be posting what's going on at my exchange program eventually, I'm working on a post this weekend to be uploaded soonish, but I've been reading atheist/ex-Christian/ex-Mormon blogs all morning and something occurred to me.

I can't help but notice that while ex-Mormon and ex-Christian blogs are a dime a dozen, the only ex-Zen Buddhist blogs I can find are people who converted to some form of Protestant Christianity.  I'm not entirely sure what this means, and I don't know if it can be regarded as a significant data point, considering how much of a minority Zen Buddhists are in this culture.

Of course, being a Zen Buddhist, I may well be biased in their favor.  However, I'm intrigued enough to throw it open to discussion.  Thoughts, anyone?  (I trust that you guys, o teeny flist, will remain civil and respectful to one another at all times.  Particularly, rl friends, if you ever want to eat my baking again.)

I may add more to this entry, but I'm actually quite hungry and haven't even had tea yet.
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So, clearly, it's MEME TIME!
Silly, silly fandom meme inside! )

Hit me!
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I have no idea if this poetic form has a name. )
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So I've been reading a lot of blogs about racism lately.  I haven't yet formulated anything terribly coherent to say, but I thought I'd give at least a bit of a try.

Part of the reason that I'm largely incoherent on this topic right now is because I hadn't thought terribly deeply about racism, white privilege, institutional oppresion, etc. until I hit college.  Apparently a lot of people don't; I don't feel very bad about it either (though maybe I should) because, well, I'm only twenty, and as no one ever really bothered to talk very much about racism to me when I was a kid, it didn't really occur to me to think about it in high school.  It wasn't until I started reading a lot of feminist and gay rights blogs that I sort of blundered across the racism blogs.  (I completely missed racefail_09, because I'm honestly not very involved in the LJ fandom community; I stalk a few authors in large fandoms, but the only ones I really participate in are the teeny little ones where everyone knows everyone, like Wodehouse or Master and Commander.)

A little bit of background about myself, because this is a public post and while most of my friends know me, a lot of you won't: I am (in case you haven't guessed already) white.  Mostly German, Norwegian, and French, for those of you who care; most of my family's been in North America for several centuries.  I think the latest immigrant came over a little after the American Civil War, but most of my family had been here before then in either Louisiana, Quebec, or the Midwest.  (There is lots of military service in my family history.  Lots.)  But I digress.

I am also, in no particular order, a cisgendered female, a Zen Buddhist, and a lesbian.  I grew up in Seattle, for the most part in a rich, mostly white neighborhood just next to a neighborhood with three Jewish temples, two of them Orthodox, and went to Catholic school for thirteen years.  I go to college at a tiny liberal arts school in Portland, Oregon.  And finally, I'm a biology major who will probably wind up in botany.

And, relatively recently, to bring it back to my point (I have a tendency to wander around), I have started to become a lot more aware of issues surrounding racism.

I've looked at male privilege and straight privilege in quite a bit of depth before, but while these issues certainly have their similarities to racism, they are ultimately different issues.  Yes, I have experienced prejudice based on being female, and have at times been desperately grateful that I'm not an obvious lesbian at a glance, but as I mentioned, I've been doing a lot of reading, and I believe that by now I at least partly comprehend that my experiences have little to nothing to do with institutionalized racism.

Women's rights need to be addressed.  Gay rights need to be addressed.  But not in forums specifically for people of color.  That is called derailing!  I have learned this by reading some truly cringeworthy comments and the well-deserved smackdowns for it!

However, I find myself a bit paralyzed now.  I can accept that if PoC want their own space, I stay the hell out and shut the hell up.  Even though it's not very analogous, I think about it as I would think about a Christian prayer group wanting to come hang out where I'm doing zazen; okay, fine, they have good intentions, I'd be glad to talk to them later but could they maybe not come and use my Zen space where I'm currently trying to do Zen?  (actually, now that I think about it, that may be a better analogy than I originally thought it was.  Huh.)

But when it comes to racism discussions where I am involved and, hell, even allowed to participate...what do I do?  I don't want to derail; derailing is bad!  And I really, really don't want to talk over anyone.

Except, at this time, with the reading I've done so far, the only role I can see for myself is to be quiet and nod in such discussions.  Which, okay, if that's what I'm needed to do, then I'll do it wholeheartedly.  But I don't know if that's contributing or not, and I want to contribute.  I want to help.  I just really, really don't want to muck things up further.

I know that sometimes I will fuck up.  I am a human being, and humans fuck up on an alarmingly regular basis.  What I'm trying to find is a way for me to throw in and do my bit, because I feel like I'm not doing enough.

The answer I see right now is, "More reading!"  And I will be doing that; I will be doing a lot of that, and it's entirely possible I'll stumble across something tomorrow and feel kind of dumb about writing this post.

I just...I don't know, wanted to make my intentions clear or something?  Hell, I have no idea.  But writing things out tends to help me think, and I've written this much.  So, uh, I guess I'll post it and see what happens.


May. 5th, 2010 09:46 pm
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Sometimes when I'm riding the bus, I look around at the other riders and thinks about what might happen if the bus suddenly teleported and crashed on an alien planet.  Who would take charge, how different people would react, the groups that would form, etc...

I can't be the only who does this, can I?
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What kind of world is this, where the matter of what’s in a significant other’s pants can lead to outright rejection and blanket social condemnation?


Apr. 9th, 2010 12:50 am
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this strange little thing
so small against an ocean
a candle at night.
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This is my fullfillment of the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] sabinelagrande 's Ficathon Walks Into a Bar challenge!

A wizard walks into a bar... )
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The more I read about working in the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, the more I want to go.

The further north (or south) the better.

I've just spent almost an hour going through websites with Arctic and Antarctic work opportunities.  Camp worker, general staff, science staff, boat handlers, mechanics-I don't care.  I would love to go to the ice.

I mean, I thought I was obsessed with the Gold Rush when I was a kid (totally obsessed, btw, you don't even want to know about my visits to the Gold Rush musem -cough-) but this is exponentially more than that.

...so.  Crazy?  Yes?  No?


Mar. 5th, 2010 08:30 am
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I know intellectually there are worse things, but lying alone in bed attempting to go to sleep when your roommate's elsewhere and trying and trying not to think about it and then suddenly remembering random shit like how she was always leaving her reading glasses on the counter and you'd have to take them to her and both of you would crack up about it every time is probably the most painful thing I've had to deal with ever.

And there's really nothing to prepare you for it.

I wish I could remember how I dealt when my friend Gina died when I was eleven. But I don't and I don't think it would help.

...aaaaand I have an interview today for an exchange program. Just to make it all fucking perfect.

I feel like the world's gone insubstantial and I could wave my hand through objects or people and walk through walls because nothing's quite there right now, and I have to go to an interview for something I really, really, really want to do because it's the only day the interviewer is in town.

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[livejournal.com profile] sabinelagrande , this is all for you.  (you don't even know.  Seriously, my dormies all think I went crazy.)

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

Now with photos!  I had to get a photobucket to make this work, so y'all better appreciate! *g*  Sorry about the inconsistent sizing; I did the best I could but I don't really know how it works.


The premise for the CW’s newest show seems utterly preposterous, until you remember this is the network that also brought us the teen years of Clark Kent, eight years of our favorite vampire slayer, and more recently, the shenanigans of two demon-hunting brothers who travel America in an awesome classic car.  Next to those, who are we to argue with a show based on the tragically underused mythology of golems…updated to the twenty-first century?

We at S.Q.U.E.E. are delighted to present to you our latest addiction, the wonderful, the fantastic Circuitry Sorcerers!

any sufficiently advanced magic... )

So, there you have it!  I may edit sporadically to add critic reviews or something.  I'm having way too much fun to stop right away.  (I'll be glad to answer questions, btw!)  And remember, if you surrender, I'll come up with a premise JUST FOR YOU! <3


PS: Here's sabine's.  It's brilliant.  Just fyi.  sabinelagrande.livejournal.com/253479.html  And it's why David Hewlett isn't on my show.  :P

ETA:  [livejournal.com profile] romanshoes finished hers!  It's brilliant!  :D :D :D  romanshoes.livejournal.com/95242.html
And [livejournal.com profile] rhea314 has joined the party! rhea314.livejournal.com/212680.html
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I have a list of songs that sound like sunlight.

Currently I'm listening to it, and reading fluffy SGA fic before I go study for my plant test.

Today was not a terribly good day, except for plant lab, which was as always amazing.  I love that class.

Tomorrow my dad is visiting and taking me to dinner.  I'm bringing friends with me, on his invitation.

But I don't know how much longer I can do this.


ETA: For the interested, here's a partial list of the songs I was listening to.  I've put the ones that look (sound?  Damn it, English is not designed for synesthetes) most like sunlight down.

They sound like other stuff too, each instrument and voice has its own particular color/pattern, but taken as whole songs, these sound like sunlight.  There are more songs that sound like sunlight too, but these were the ones on the list.

Why Walk When You Can Fly, Mary Chapin Carpenter
I'll Tag Along, Gordon Lightfoot
Sweet Carolina Rain, Kane
Om, The Moody Blues
I'm Gonna Be, The Proclaimers
Ride Forever, Paul Gross
100 Years, Five for Fighting
Fields of Gold, Sting
Shambala, Three Dog Night
Watershed, Indigo Girls
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Two things to address this post.  Both are slightly silly, and they are tangentially related.

One, I watched Hot Fuzz last night with a bunch of my dormies, and dear god how did I go so long without seeing that movie?  Apparently my friends who'd already seen it derived as much amusement from my reactions to it as from the movie itself.  I had seven guests, most of them piled somehow onto my bed, and we watched it with so much glee.  Afterwards we watched All Fired Up (a few people left), and let me tell you, it was a joy to see just how much sheer glee people got out of that movie.  I'd only seen part of it.  I think that my 21-year old male friend with WFR training got the most out of it, however, judging by how much he was cackling.  And to round out the evening, we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which only one of my guests had never seen.  The rest of us, naturally, sang along.  And although four of the original people had left, we gained three more random passersby.  And then I kicked everyone out so I could shower and sleep because by that time it was 0100.

Ah, college.  Such a sinful and depraved place, dont'cha know.  What with all the rampant movie-watching and tea-drinking that goes on in my circle of friends.  And, okay, okay, I admit it-I handed out Kit Kats.  My perversity knows no bounds.  Truly.

(but seriously, Hot Fuzz.  OH MY GOD.  I might watch it again tonight.  And I am buying it as soon as I have the opportunity.)

Tangentially related to last night's events of sin and perversity, Nick's peace lily made me really, really miss having a dorm plant.  My maidenhair fern died over break (poor baby, it was never the same after the heat wave, and the freeze this winter did it in -sigh-) and the African violet I had last year just wasn't happy here.  So I currently have no plant.

I want a plant damn it.  They are soothing!  They clean the air!  I talk to them!  All I have right now is a dried rose I got at the dance recital and it's very pretty but that's not a plant, that's decoration.  I'm a bio major, people!  I NEED PLANTS!

So, I've been researching plants all morning and I think today I will walk up the main boulevard where there are stores and find myself a new plant.  Perhaps a peace lily even, though that's a little large for the space I have.

My mom is kind of 'meh' on houseplants, but I love them.  Which is slightly odd, because I'm 'meh' on gardening.

Anyway, here's hoping I get a good plant soon.  And that this one lives.  -crosses fingers-

ETA: I bought a peace lily! :D
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Firstly: I'm totally caught up on Doctor Who.  This is weeeeird, that's never happened before!  O.o  Also, in this entry I make a pun for which I quite possibly should be killed.

Cut for enormous Doctor Who and Torchwood spoilers (all of them) )

Cut for enormous Doctor Who and Torchwood spoilers (all of them) )

Cut for enormous Doctor Who and Torchwood spoilers (all of them) )

tl;dr: Farewell, Russell T. Davies (you fucker), and The End of Time didn't traumatize me nearly as much as Children of Earth.  I'm okay with it.

EDIT: I have no idea what's up with my cut tags.  Sorry.
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I've had so many ideas for fanvids lately that it's driving me a little crazy.  I wish I could vid, like, at all, but I don't have any idea where to start.  Also apparently it's a huge timesuck, or at least it would be for me because I'm obsessive.  Anyway, I'm just going to throw some ideas out there because if these already exist, I want them.

fanvid musings ) fanvid musings )

I have other songs to muse about, but currently I don't remember what they are and also I'm busy making dessert.  So!  Thoughts?

Also, I will be posting about my SGA Big Bang playlist and the reasoning behind each and every song (dear god that's going to take a while) but that won't be for a bit.

EDIT: I remembered the other one I wanted to talk about!  And then I added links.
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Without further ado:

Calling Down the Lightning at http://sgabigbang.talkoncorners.net/?view=fic&id=86

The art is incredibly beautiful; I can't stop staring at it.

And I'm so full of squee right now that I CAN'T EVEN TALK COHERENTLY and typing is a trial.

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O flist, I have posted a preview to my Big Bang!

It be here.


:D :D :D

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So I'm writing a crack SGA fic... )


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