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I'm having a Facebook conversation with a friend of mine from school right now, and we're trying to assign blame to a situation.  Her most recent quote was, "Canadian Mountie!  Not my fault now."

The explanation for this one is really pretty goofy, so I thought I'd share. 

Actually, before I do that, here's the exchange, because it just gets...progressively sillier, and is making me kind of giggle my head off.

Me: (to a different friend) My fault or hers?
Her: Canadian Mountie!  Not my fault now.
Me: Vulcan pledge of allegiance.  Totally your fault.
Her: Doing the next step of Canadian Mountie does not override original Canadian Mountie!
That would just be chaos!

So, I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the phenomenon of "No Nose Goes", in which the last person in a group to touch their nose is the one whose fault it is, who has to do some sort of task the rest of us are too lazy to do, etc.  I have found that this is rampant at camps and wherever there are large numbers of lazy young people congregated.  However, there is something of a problem with No Nose Goes: if everyone is aware of it and becomes acclimated, it can become extremely difficult to determine who, in fact, had no nose last and now has to perform a task.

My dorm overcame this inherent difficulty by adopting a more advanced two-step system of No Nose Goes.  We call it Canadian Mountie.  (hence the icon, if you're on dreamwidth.)  Canadian Mountie requires both hands, and consists of one hand held flat and palm-down just below the nose, and one cupped hand hovering about three inches over the head in order to imitate a Stetson.

It is very, very silly to see in a large group of my dormies, some of whom like to present themselves as serious-minded people for some strange reason.  When Canadian Mountie goes, if you're not a Mountie, you're going to suffer the consequences of what normally would be the fate of one who had No Nose.

We actually have a slightly expanded sequence of motions, which performed in the correct order consists of:

No Nose Goes (index finger to tip of nose)
Canadian Mountie (moustache and hat)
Vulcan Pledge of Allegiance (hand in the Vulcan V placed over heart)
Pirate Hitler (left index finger under nose to imitate Hitler moustache, right arm extended in a Heil with index finger crooked like a pirate's hook)

These actions are actually fairly difficult to perform in rapid sequence and not mix up the fingers and such.  However, for practical purposes, our dorm uses only No Nose Goes transitioning to Canadian Mountie (in which case, the people who habitually carry beverages *cough* are usually shit out of luck.)

Anyway, the protocols for Canadian Mountie on Facebook are a little fuzzy.  Mostly I posted this because I find it hilarious.  If there are conclusive results I will edit to add them.


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