May. 10th, 2011

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Sometimes you have a friend who you get along with pretty well and hang out with a lot, and always have fun talking to.  Sometimes you start anticipating each other, and playing off each other in conversation, deliberately leaving openings for one-liners that no one else is going to notice.  Sometimes you stay up to absurd hours talking, or find each other to bitch about something small that nevertheless irritates the shit out of you, and commiserate, and have tea.

Sometimes you'll see how much more than usual the needling from others is bothering that friend, and when they stand up to leave you'll be right behind them with an excuse that you'll freely admit to them was a complete lie, even though you try not to lie as a matter of course. 

Sometimes you'll somehow wind up feeling weird if you don't see them every day even for a few minutes.  Sometimes you'll deliberately wind each other up, and the other will let you, even though they totally know about it, and will go along anyway for the amusement factor.  Sometimes one will say something really stupid and upsetting but then notice and apologize before the other one can even tell them what and why it bothered them.

Sometimes something terrible will happen, and they'll listen to you for hours while you're cracking apart and ignore sleeping even though they're dog-tired because you're upset, and you'll wonder how on earth you got to this point from that terrible mutual first impression, but be too grateful for their presence to worry about it.  Sometimes that hug, all the more precious for being rarely given, is the only thing that keeps the pieces of you from flying in all directions while you're trying desperately to slow your breathing and quiet the sobbing and stop making those horrible noises like an animal in pain.

Sometimes you'll suddenly realize that out of nowhere, all the more shocking for being so unanticipated, that you're each others' best friend.

Sometimes, this happens.


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